A Greenhouse For Prayer

This week’s Devotional Topic

“A Threefold Cord” – Peace & Quiet.  That is why consistent quiet times alone with God are so indispensable to experiencing the abide peace of Christ.  There really is no other way to know God than through the revelation of His Word by the illumination of the Holy Spirit.  I have come to realize that my thirst is quenched as I spend time meditating of the Word of God.

Meditation is not mystical.  Rather, it is the extremely practical and nourishing exercise of pondering and thinking on what God is saying through His Word.  Then, after reading and meditating of the Scriptures, I turn to the Lord in Prayer. I am amazed at how much I have to pray about.  My time of meditation is like a greenhouse for prayer.  If I read but don’t meditate, my prayer life is shallow.  If I read and meditate, but don’t pray, I don’t have the pleasure of talking with my Savior and the joy of seeing my specific requests answered.  Read, meditate, pray.  The peace of God that comes from personal encounters with Him will then abound.

This week’s Scripture: Psalm 19:1-14 (NIV)

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