This week’s Devotional Topic

Welcome – Open Arms

God loves us so very much that He gave His only son as a full and complete sacrifice for our sin. We are His creation. He knows how we are built and He knows the value of a friend that sticks closer than a brother. A loving friend who is there all the time. He will never leave us or forsake us. He is always there when we need him to welcome us with arms wide open to love and comfort us.

Remember when you had a friend, loved one or one of your children whom you hadn’t seen in a very long time or a son or daughter who returned from military service? That hug was priceless…you didn’t want to let go. OR if you ever had a situation where there was strife between you and a close friend that separated you for a time. When there was healing by God’s grace and you were able to give them a tight hug, greeting them with open arms. Our God eagerly waits and watches for opportunities to greet us with His welcoming arms. Call on the LORD today for your spiritual “hug”.

This week’s Scripture

John 6:37; Exodus 22:27; Leviticus 26:44; Ezekiel 16:60; Isaiah 1:18; 55:7; Luke 18:15-17 and Luke 15:8-32

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