This week’s Devotional Topic


Just imagine what it was like for Adam & Eve to be able to walk with the LORD in the Garden of Eden. Or to walk with Jesus on the Road to Emmaus as He shared the scriptures with the disciples. They described later that their hearts burned within them as He talked with them. And during His life there were many who recognized that his disciples walked so closely with him that other knew that they had been with Jesus.

As we walk with Jesus, it is just as if we were walking on Holy ground. You may remember how that God instructed Moses to remove his shoes for that very reason. And we are walking with our Shepherd, as His sheep, walking by His side is the absolute best place we could ever be.

And just as Jesus, our example, several times would walk a short distance from the crowds and even away from the disciples, it is important that we walk away….invest time alone with Jesus. May God help us to walk and talk with Him. To practice the reality of His presence.

This week’s Scripture:

Genesis 3:8-10; Luke 24:13-16,27,29; I Thessalonians 5:17; Acts 4:8-12, 7:34,36; Mark 14:66-68; Hebrews 13:20,21; John 10:10,11 and Matthew 14:13, 26:36

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