This week’s Devotional Topic

His Eyes

It is vital that we see things through the eyes of Jesus. Seeing things God’s way will teach us to see things the way He does, to think the way He does. You can tell a lot about someone by watching their eyes. It has been said that the eyes are the “window to the soul”. When you want to learn something from someone, you watch them, you watch what they do and you watch where they look as they do it. You literally watch their eyes for directions. We should learn to know God so we will see things through His eyes.

Thank God for these eyes, for those of us who are blessed with sight and even more valuable is the special blessing to those he has blessed with Spiritual sight. We want to see Jesus. And not just to see Him but to watch His eyes, to see what He sees. May God help us to know Him so well that we are able to see things the way that He does. That we may have that intimate insight that only His Spirit can give us. And as we look into the eyes of Jesus the things of this earth will grow strangely dim. And as we look to him as our Savior, help us to see how that He saw us, looked beyond our fault and saw our need!

This week’s Scripture

Psalm 25:12; Jeremiah 10:23; Matthew 6:22; Psalm 119:105; Isaiah 30:21; Psalm 32:8-11; Proverbs 3:5,6; Psalm 62:8; Exodus 33:15,16 and Matthew 6:19-34

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