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As we are surrounded and sometimes overwhelmed by the commercialization of Christmas we sometimes lose sight of the fact that Joseph and Mary were REAL people. Joseph put on his sandals one at a time. He worked as a carpenter, dealing with customers and product issues. And when the time came, he taught Jesus the trade along with the many other things he would need to know as he grew. And Mary would get up early in the morning to begin a long day of responsibilities as the mother of the household. That would include trips to the market, preparing food and cooking meals. She would also do  laundry AND take care of her baby. Please tune in to Call To Worship as God’s word tells of the Christmas story. As you do, please listen carefully as scripture reveals details of how Joseph handled his incredible duties during these events. And watch as Mary “ponders in her heart” the overwhelming reality of giving birth to and raising the young child Jesus. 

This Week’s Scripture

Matthew 1:16,18-20,24; 2:9-23; Luke 2:1-20

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