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It seems like there is a “phobia” for literally everything. We have a fear of flying, afraid we are going to run out of money before we run out of bills at the end of the month. We fear losing one of our children. Or of one of our family involved in an accident. We are afraid of getting a disease…like cancer. Fear of Ghosts and fear of the unknown. And then there is the fear of dying….of death. Well, there is good news in God’s word. No matter what you are afraid of, God is not sitting up there in heaven wringing His hands fretting….oh my I wonder what’s gonna happen next to my children. He is NEVER SURPRISED…He knows exactly what will happen in our lives and He is BIGGER. Yes, we can trust in Him…no matter what. AND he knows it is tough in this life so He has surrounded us with testimonies in His word describing how those who have gone before us have gone through the fires and God has been faithful to them.

When you stop and think about it….is there anything that we should be afraid of? If you have put your trust in God for the safe keeping of your soul because of His great Love for you, then there is absolutely nothing that can separate you from His Love. Enjoy the rest….the confidence we have in Him, in His love and power.

Fear Not! Remember this…no matter what – the love of God is GREATER.

This week’s Scripture:

Genesis 15:1; 21:15; Luke 1:5-13;26-31; 2:8-11; Matthew 1:18-21 and Romans 8:35-39

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